Alkistis-Irene Wechsler

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Born in Athens/Greece, happy for a pre-school childhood in Musical etc artistic a l’ Italien, Corfou.
Austrian Nationality. Mixed European origins. Love of cultural history and art of Europe and curious for everything I can reach.
Studied and graduated in Architecture in Florence/Italy. Worked irregularly in Architectural projects, mostly in restoration of historical buildings and sometimes in garden design.
Garden brought me to London/UK and stayed up to a year after the death of my partner, also architect and garden lover, my best friend in life, who after 7 hip operations in the last 6 years of his life and a year of medication, based on stark steroids to support his nervous system (weakness name myasthenia gravis), already very much strained from the ever longer and stronger narcosis, needed for his operations, he left me, his family and his friends, who all are missing his good heart, his cultivated taste and his artistic creativity. With all my heart I was also his carer in these last years and I was painting cheerful images to lighten up his spirit, mostly girls and flowers and also helped him to learn the oil painting technic so that he enriched his last time with excellent painting creativity.

I went on painting and in my new Vienna life, in my solitude and inspired by new muses and some distant friends I developed further my expressive technique, as well as working on still unpublished image-stories …
Sensitive to the big events of the world, I remain a reacting, or abstracting or mythologizing visual artist, but I say also public my sympathy or my sadness to dramatic events of our human society, and in the rare moments also I show a civil courage if my position is asking it for …

I had exhibitions, solo and in groups in Graz, Vienna, Athens, Bologna, … a pause and then again but in Hambourg, Castle d’Este/Ferrara, New York (Chelsea/Manhattan), London and again Vienna since 2015 in Galerie Blumentopf. Also in 2 street-art actions in Paris.

I live again in Vienna since the end of 2011
But I visit Paris, inspired by its history and architecture any possible time

From 2016 bis 2019: in Group and solo exhibitions in Galerie Blumentopf.

2020: in 1060 Wien, with other artists of Mariahilf, exhibition in Salvatorianer Saal, in Haus des Meeres and I Kalender Mariahilf 2020.

In Art18: Group exhibition in Vienna Art Markt, solo exhibition and workshop in Atelier-Galerie Blumentopf with support of 1180 Kultur Department.

2021: In 1060 Wien, Kalender 2021 of artists in Mariahilf and group exhibition in Eisernwaren Kamp. Juli 2021 solo exhibition and workshop in Galerie am park with support of 1060 Kultur department.

In Art18, Group exhibitions in Vienna art Market and Atelier-Galerie Blumentopf and in Artwalk 18.

Everything made with love