tut uns leid, wir haben derzeit keine termine für euch!

in this section the sponsors are named and the amount they are willing to give per km, as well as the starting km is announced. in combination with the diary, where the actual driven km's will be posted, everybody can calculate the donated sum then.

sponsors will be listed in order of starting the sponsorship.

if you want to take part in the project as sponsor, please visit the download section.


and the sponspors are

  1. christoph rettenbacher (private) 0,10 euro from 1st
  2. lisbeth neumüller (private) 0,10 euro from 1st
  3. walter jax (private) 0,10 euro from 1st to london on bike and ferry
  4. aurelia staub (private) 0,10 euro from 1st
  5. karlbauer projects kg - 0,10 euro from 1st to london
  6. hecher art gallery - 1 euro from 4012th
  7. ingrid felmeth (private) 0,10 euro from 3612th
  8. wolfgang dotzauer-dieley (private) 0,10 euro from 3950th
  9. michael würzelberger (private) 0,10 euro from london to vienna
  10. marietta huber (private) 1 euro from 1st
  11. robert zöchling (private) 0,10 euro from 1st
  12. the horaks @ jeneweingasse (private) 0,10 euro from 1st to 1000th
  13. uschi neumüller (private) 0,10 euro  from 1st
  14. dr. peter rauch gmbh 0,20 from london to vienna
  15. sylvia innthaler (private) 0,10 euro from 3612th
  16. renate burian (private) 0,10 euro from 3612th
  17. stefanie eisl (private) 0,10 euro from 3612th
  18. erich or heliane bramhas (private) 0,10 euro from 3112th
  19. orlida rettenbacher (private) 0,10 euro from 1st
  20. thomas huber (private) 0,10 from 1st to london
  21. jutta moll-marwan (private) 0,10 from 1st




for all sponsors, who dont have a contract but want to donate something to support ambariza. the account data to do so:
account name: art18 - vernetzte kunst währing
bank: erste bank und sparkasse
account number:  82447124303
iban: at38 2011 1824 4712 4303
bic:  gibaatwwxxx

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