tut uns leid, wir haben derzeit keine termine für euch!

here i want to list and thank all the people, who help me on my way - the supporters. i'm really grateful for all of you!

list will be upside down, that means latest first.


and the supporters are

tom doskocil and michaela griesbeck - sponsoring my flight from vienna to athens and back, where i meet the people of ampariza at last, and give them the money the sponsors have donated.

dorothea hübner-tilroe - paying for my flight home to vienna, including bike.

family hübner-tilroe in london - giving all i need for live while i stay in london 

carmen in rainham / kent - last 50p to get me a trainticket to london / victoria 

the swans from boxtedlane - first of all charging my mobile with european adapter (otherwise nav sat would have faded), and fueling me with tea, cookies, sandwiches and more and finally even 5 pounds! trainticket to london within reach!

mrs. m. clark in hernhill - 5 fruitbars and some sparkling water on which i ran the rest of the day (until i met the swans)

longport coffee and sandwiches in canterbury - hamsandwich and preventing me from being outside when it suddenly rained 

fenja pück from hamburg - changing me 6,50 euros to 5 pounds 

sascha riedel from balingen - bottle of pure sugar 

frédéric scholte-reh from balingen - 3 pounds, base of my fortune 

ivo kolfscholten from i think utrecht (mail if wrong, ivo) - protecting my bike from big bad dover with an extra lock, and being a wave surfer 

walter brenner from horb-weckar (in schwarzwald) - checking a last minute place to stay in dover (almost over and out) 

robin and dietrich stöhr from frankfurt /main - 10 pounds to get along in britain (and that was a savior) , and something to eat 

hendrik van eyken in oostende - tent as night shelter 

hilde vandenbroucke from the restaurant de vlasschaard in oostende - plenty to eat and drink and a night accommodation (without me asking), and lots of enthusiasm for my project 

cafe de sportwereld in oostende - a drink 

peter pflitsch aus marienheide bei köln and his son - 15 euro ferry money, so i got it all now! 

bakkerij leurgans in cadzand-dorp-bad - sweet pieces to make me go all day!

renee from espressos ko d'oooooooor in middelburg - strong and supergood breakfast, that counts 

marianne and beren schaaij in vrouwenpolder - supper, talking and finding nightshelter

mike bakkerij from disk's tara in scharendyke - french fries and coke, very important! 

cafe 't waren van maeslant in maasland - tea and cheese sandwich 

johan of scheveningse vishandel albatros johannes in schipluiden - a makrele (never had that before, but that really should give power!) 

pieter eurekenstam in schipluiden - night shelter 

brasserie vennemeer in oud ade - only meal for the day! 

ed been and children from italy actually - 10 more euros! 

wies and bernard and their children in muiderberg - bed for the night, supper, shower and the good feeling of a warm welcome. and breakfast and lunch package with 10 euro emergency, wow!

the boxer at the snackwagen de witted herder - selfmade cake and french fries with energy drink 

grand café-eetcafé de majesteit in kampen (and the waitresses) - sandwich and coffee 

family van der veld in ijhorst - shelter for the night, supper, shower, talking, all fine 

snackbar karst in hoogeveen - typical dutch fastfood 

eetecafe bindervveer in zweeloo - sandwich, apple and egg (made me go on!)

claudia brinker and her three sweet children in neurhede - shelter for the night in her caravan (hope her head is still on), very nice breakfast and mental support for the rest 

landgasthof lindenkrug in idafehn - fantastic and really big 'gefüllte paprika' and drinks (but i think everything is great there, if someone should think about holidays in idafehn) 

hille's schlemmer eck in westerstede - nice full meal (i guess buletten) 

cafe landlust in jade-norderschweiburg - fruits

evangelische kirche nordenham - shelter for the night, supper, shower and a very good talk with the pastor in the morning 

melanie könig from friedrich-august-hütte - finding a place to stay for me, and nice talking 

old man from some place near nordenham - 5 euro emergency 

beerster grill in bad bederkesa - a meal that i could choose 

nadie buck from bakery buck in bürkau (the pabst said best bakery in germany, i won't doubt that!) - four sweet pieces

thomas westphal from st. margarethen - letting me sleep in his old hannomag he used to drive across europe 

lady on north-east-sea-channel ferry - two bottles of water 

bakery kühl in meldorf - sweet and salty pieces to eat (always the waitress of the bakeries!) 

ute and laffi laffrenzen from gaststätte kieselburg in husum - welcoming me as a friend, eating, talking, shelter in gardenhouse 

saleem baig of pizza-taxi in wanderup - mega döner and coke 

henrik and bettina almsted from augustenborg - shelter in their horsetrailer and breakfast and interesting talk about danes with henrik 

steen and maja hansen from fynshav - nice talking and much food for supper and breakfast 

lundbykiosken in svendborg - danish sausages 

the mendls from vienna - mental support (twins specially) and 20 euro emergency money 

kathi at langeland - nice talking and great cooking 

anette zalenga - a room and food for some days of recreation in a very special place

krischi burmeister - good friend, giving me break for some days

peter hansen from nykoping f - shelter and saussage

coma discount in marebaek - tons of bread

peter jacobi from rostock - 5 euro emergency

terminal bistro at ferry in rostock - super meal

mrs. lindemann at the perish in lüssow - night shelter and shower

brunhild and bernhard schmietendorf in mühl-rosin - plenty to eat (i didn't have to ask, they just heard that i was hungry) and nice conversation 

neighbour of schmietendorfs - 4 yoghurt 

jonas from berlin (met him bikeriding on the way) - poppy roll

landhotel and gasthof 'zur schmiede' in rötz (göhren-lebbin) - full breakfast from buffet 

the waiter of hotel restaurante fontana in lindow (mark) - enormously big breakfast (i asked for something and he gave without asking at once!)

ela's hofladen (in fact manuela scheil and her entire family) - great supper with family and friends and night shelter 

bodo tracinski - escorting me quite a while, chocolate milk and big bockwurst 

susanne jammers (a very good friend from older days) - all i needed, and a resting day to  get force back and being generous and wonderful 

three waitresses bakery exner in zossen - getting me a 'schnittchen' from their tip money

waitress (or owner?) of bakery schiller in dahme - full breakfast (loved it)

heinz junghänel in lebusa - bed for this night, and interesting talk about this and that, breakfast in the morning

very nice couple in lebusa - supper and finding a night accommodation 

gasthof 'am waldesrand' in naundorf - emergency food (was very hungry already) and way to lebusa

mrs. reinert of bakery bubner in bad liebenwerda - icecoffee!

very nice waitress of a bakery in riesa - schnitzsemmel and drink as lunch

reverend of protestant church in ostrau - supper, breakfast and night shelter

lady in cafeteria of hospital in döbeln - sweets and bananas

dr. stephanie braun in hospital of döbeln - checking me after accident and making all good again 

berthold wolf (father of teresa) in chemnitz - shelter for a day all inclusive (thats like a day off)

bernd sendig in glauchau - bed and breakfast and evening conversation 

ferit yesilmese from the 'istambul' in glauchau - incredible big döner and drinks

jürgen klein in glauchau - unbelievable nice guy, checking bernd, drinks, interesting stories 

nice couple on the way - some sweets from a wedding society

katja or katze in zwickau - showing nicest way to chemnitz 

refugee from lybia - all his cache 

martinas hutzenstube in messbach near plauen - full meal

kafé kampschulte in hof - soup with dumpling and cool guy

pilgrim dwelling in hof by diakonie hochfranken - room to stay, breakfast next day

charming lady (secretary?) at pfarrhof st. michaelis in hof - 5 euro emergency money

helpful lady at tourist information at hof - being friendly in desperate situation

willibald weiß in gumpe 7 - letting me sleep in the hay 

bakery zetzl in neuhaus - food and a hot tea 

linda from the 'black bean' in weiden - sandwich and green tea and enthusiasm 

the goundkeeper (named rainer) of fc luhe markt - overnight shelter in changing room, drink and snickers 

mr. neufeld of neufeld verlag - food and good talk 

karla heintz - supper, a room and a wonderful evening conversation 

the reverend mr. beck of ev. versöhnungskirche in neunburg vorm wald - support to find a place to stay, and something to eat for tomorrow and more networking

the reverend mother and a nun of schulschwestern in neunburg - being nice and 10 euro 

carla bachmaier and ralph perl - for everything i need today: food, a shower, a room, laundery and they even fetched me from the next village when i couldnt cycle anymore, and much more 

man at filling station - fanta and twix (saved me from death)

unnamed manager of a supermarket - three bananas

the morning receptionist and the rotel inn in passau - support and breakfast 

unknown man - mixed pickles

mr. ludwig kempten from waldkirchen - 5 euro for hotel room in passau

unknown bikeriding couple - 2 euro 

mr. weiß from rosenheim - 4 euro for hotel room 

jausenstation donauterrasse am limes - any dish i liked, great support, just like the others before. gave me some power!

family grillmair from feldkirchen - 20 euro for anything i needed. they gave it without being asked. 

rainer und florian pröll, roland huber, barbara fischer and david wöss from ulrichsberg - full breakfast at the donaucafe in ottensheim 

the minister of ottensheim - shelter and a brettljausn 

mrs. hamid in ottensheim - great topfenstrudel

the owner of cafe am kai in mauthausen - ham and cheese toast, big drink and coffee

maria and emmanuel gangl in ardagger - very comfortable accommodation after a wet days 

charming british couple on the road - a kabernossi and a banana

baker of adeg in marbach - a loaf of bread 

ute and franz reisinger in winden - providing night shelter

hotel zur post (family einer) in melk - a schnitzel (and the nicest waiter ever

christian obermaier in his laubenhütte in langenschönbichl - a krapfen 

gasthaus ehn in langenschönbichl - noodle soup for all

claire karó - promo pics, though she's in jewellery

monika fischer - connecting to newspapers and so on

michael gassner of xs42 - wizard of the soldering iron (electronic solutions)

matthias bayer - translating the concept and contract into english

dorothea hübner-tilroe - correcting my english on the blog

melanie lediger of buntwaesche - for the t-shirts

sebastian sommer of fahrrad 18 - bikeparts

klaus babusek - preparing my bike for the journey

gunther weichselbaum - elaboration fundraising contract

christian rathner - background infos about greece, connection to ampariza, ...

gudrun lerchbaum - expressing the text of the concept

robert zöchling - good advise, maintainig the art18 part, ...

gini neumüller - my wife, letting me do that, mental support, and all the rest

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