artwalk18 2018
sa. 28/04 und so 29/04/2018
offene ateliers und galerien in ganz währing
und vieles mehr - siehe programm

literatur.fest.währing 2018
sa. 05/05 und so 06/05/2018
wochenende mit viel literatur in verschiedenen veranstaltungsstätten in währing - siehe programm

theater.fest.währing 2018
sa. 12/05 und so 13/05/2018
theater, performance, szenische lesungen - 7 veranstaltungen an einem wochenende - siehe programm

musik.fest.währing 2018
sa. 19/05 und so 20/05/2018
an diesem wochenende spielen 8 sehens- und hörenswerte live-acts in den kaffehäusern und beisln von währing - siehe programm

april - juni 2018
impro-veranstaltungs-reihe mit österreicheischen und internationalen grössen der freien impro szene!

artuesday frühjahr 2018
april - juni 2018
die bekannte und beliebte veranstaltungsreihe geht auch in diesem frühling weiter - siehe programm

keep us going logo

keep us going is a european project and therefore documented in english.

it is an attempt to visualize the situation of the greek population; people are affected by  economic cuts, due to the rules of the 'troika' in exchange for finacial aid.

to show and experience the vulnerability and dependence of poor people, the artist rainer neumüller goes on a journey by bike, from his home town vienna to great britain and back. not using any money of his own, but being supported by people 'on the road'.

meanwhile, sponsors can donate money for every kilometer he travels.

the raised money is donated to ampariza, a greek organisation that runs various projects to aid poor people.

the progress of the journey, as well as a list of supporters and sponsors can be viewed on this website (see menu at the right).  there is also an introduction of ampariza's projects.

a more detailed description of the project and a sponsor contract, in english and german, are also available here.

the departure will be on thursday, 10th of july 2014, 9:00, and you are welcome to wave me goodbye!

meanwhile i'm back in vienna since the 22nd of august 2014, 13:50 - it was a great experience - read the diary!

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