Mittwoch 12. Februar 2020 - 19.30

amantes - amentes

Buchpräsentation von Geri Decheva

im vienna art market - v.a.m.

Durchgang Währinger Str. 100 / Gentzgasse 21

About the book:

Mirabelle is the green grass for brainless male cattle, a psychiatric ward for psychopaths. These manly individuals are drawn to her like flies to a piece of dirt, which she wants to believe she is not. The abundance of alcoholics, depressed, bipolar, geniuses with a few unscrewed nuts, total psychos, men with egos as large as the Universe, and so on, have contributed to her specializing in many psychiatric disorders, which need prescription pills. Yet, she marches on to the next piece of junk in the hope of finding a diamond, until… she comes upon an old photo from 1966 of people she doesn’t know, but that photo throws her back to the 1930, generations ago, through mysteries and unique fates – beautiful, charming in a “vintage” kind of way, tangled and exciting. Mirabelle manages to go through Peru and Chile, Russia, Morocco, Switzerland, Vienna, to solve crimes and punishments with no pride and no prejudice, in her own way – not quite tactfully and almost successfully.  

This in very short is the plot of “Amantes amentes” which (for those who do not know Latin means “Those in love are lunatics”) It’s a book about love and at the same time it is not. It puts contemporary internet communication and relationships born in a virtual space against the long-gone “vintage” romantics upon which some of us look back with a pinch of nostalgia. “Amantes amentes” combines five stories and the relationships involved in them in the span of over 100 years, united by an old photo from 1966, which Mirabelle finds in an old antique shop.

The stories are tangled in time, the loose ends meet at the end, as far as they can meet, in a rather realistic story about human interactions and a hypothetical answer to the question: do we love unconditionally, or does our love depend on certain conditions.

The book is a result of international combined effort. The cover is by an origina, paintiog by Daniel De Luise. The graphic design and the photos in the special application of the books is by the Austrian designer and photographer Wolfganag Kasny, and the drawings in the book are by the Bulgarian artist Irina Vasileva.


About the author: Geri Decheva is a translator of fiction books with over 70 books translated so far. She has written six books of her own, three of them in English (and none in German ) She has a Bachelor degree in English Philology and Masters Degree in Journalism from the Westminster University, London. Her books cover mostly problems of nowadays reality and her social efforts are directed to helping out four centers for children without parents and with severe disabilities, as well as donating for the care of children with cancer.