Herzliche Einladung / We cordially invite you to

Through the hole is the way ‘Out-of-This-World’

Patricia J. Reis
Lukas Vincent Walcher

Eröffnung: Mittwoch 29. Mai 2019, 19 Uhr

Opening: Wednesday May 29th 2019,  7pm

Ausstellung/Exhibition: 30.5. -20.6.2019

Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen!

We look forward seeing you!

die kulturdrogerie
Gentzgasse 86-88


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Through the hole is the way ‘Out-of-This-World’

Patricia J. Reis
Lukas Vincent Walcher
Through the hole is the way ‘Out-of-This-World’ is a site-specific interactive installation presented by media artists Patricia J. Reis in collaboration with Lukas Vincent Walcher in the open-air segment of the experimental station Kulturdrogerie in the 18th district of Vienna, Währing and is on view from 29th of May till 20th of June 2019. The work explores the concepts of temporality, communication and translation in heterotopias – culturally, institutionally and discursively ‘othered’ spaces, inviting the interactors to have an embodied experience of the movement of a flag in the sky that can be observed underneath a temporary pavilion.
The visual and physical information of an object’s movement — the oscillation of the flag — is translated into sensorial and haptic codes that the interactor can physically receive through motion feedback, embedded in a sculptural object that serve as a seat, at the intersection of the public and private space.
Text by Taga Torosyan
About the artists:
Patrícia J. Reis
b.1981 Lisbon, Portugal
Lives and works in Vienna
Reis is an installation artist whose practice encompasses different formats and media to examine our relationship with modern technology. Through an ongoing investigation that destabilize the boundaries between science, technology, magic and spiritual believes, she explores questions “How do we believe in machines?” and “How technology is shaping us bodily?”. In her complex installations she often appeals to the visitor’s sensoriality in an intimate and sensual way, encourage them to become active participants. Seeking to subvert visuality as a primarily mode of experience, she plays with technology as a mean to expand and stimulate corporeal perceptions in the viewer. Inspired by Media theory and Cybernetics, Reis analyses similar modus operandi among humans and machines, such as program, system and automatism, suggesting the human body as such, and playing around with its own sensorial mechanisms.
Lukas Vincent Walcher
b. 1983 Carinthia/ Austria
Lives and works in Vienna
Walcher was educated as a craftsman in painting, however his current practice has developed into other disciplines and techniques. Currently his work is less situated on a specific discipline or practice, ranging from frescoes to computer aided interactive pieces. His artistic approach is site-specific adjusted to a  topic, concept, location that is peculiar towards a certain context of action, rather than to a particular medium.
As a teacher in a public secondary school and other institutions of education he tries to spread the power of art with its unique impact on social participation and personal development.